Lindsey McCready

Lindsey McCready is a talented healthcare provider at Delta Vein Care.

Lindsey McCready was one of the nation’s first Registered Phlebology Sonographers (RPhS). Now, she is one of only three in Louisiana. She chose to join Delta Vein Care at the Surgery Clinic of Northeast Louisiana because she wanted to work somewhere progressive.

"This region has a true need for the vein services we provide," Lindsey said. "I've had the pleasure of meeting a few patients. I love how kind and community-oriented Ouachita Parish people are, and I love knowing I can make a positive change in a lot of lives. Though it is not always considered life-threatening, vein diseases can be life-altering."

The most common vein condition is vein reflux, the culprit for varicose veins. While the corrective procedures aren't complicated, those suffering often don't seek medical intervention, which leads to future problems, she said. 

"When vein reflux is diagnosed at an earlier stage with a simple ultrasound, we can prevent additional veins from becoming problematic, thus preventing future procedures," she said. "Vein reflux can manifest simply as cosmetic 'spider veins' and a feeling of 'leg heaviness,' but it can also create severe edema and painful skin changes such as ankle ulcers that don't heal. Additionally, vein reflux can increase one's risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, which can be life-threatening." 

During her last nine years in Florida, she has participated in over 10,000 vein ablations, and almost 1,000 ambulatory phlebectomies. A Florida native, Lindsey graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the Chancellor's Award from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, where she earned a bachelor's degree in vascular sonography. Her license allows her to assist with and perform minimally invasive vein procedures. 

Lindsey enjoys a good challenge. 

"The cases that allow me to collaborate with the physicians and think outside the box are my most rewarding procedures. I get excited knowing that I can help someone who may be turned away by someone with less experience."

Lindsey is passionate about her work because she recognizes the potential to change lives, whether it elevates one's self-esteem or improves one's physical health. 

"While cosmetic vein work is fun, it is the therapeutic vein work that is most rewarding. We can change a person's gait, shoe size (reduce swelling), sleep schedule (eliminate painful cramping and restless legs), and overall quality of life."

The mother of three young boys plans to spend more time on her hobbies: cake decorating and oil painting. Lindsey, who grew up as a competitive figure skater, said she would return to that hobby too—if she could find a rink. 

"Our family is happy about living in a more rural area. We are most excited about our garden plans if we can keep our boys and dogs from eating everything before it ripens."

Lindsey joins Monica Carter, a medical assistant who coordinates the vein program, and surgeons Dr. Bart Liles, Dr. Walter Sartor, and Dr. Patrick Smith. 


312 Grammont Street, Suite 303, Monroe, LA 71201 | 318‑398‑2984


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